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Cyber Bullying
We live in a world where technology is now part of daily life.Most of us including young children have now access to computers,Ipads, tablets and internet coverage on our phones.We regularly scroll the internet for information, book holidays or do courses.In fact the benefits of modern technology and internet access are too much to list here.
We also use cyber as a platform for keeping in touch with friends or making contact with new people.We have email accounts and social network profiles.These places are regularly used to upload photos share information with friends or perhaps add comments to another’s social media space. Unfortunately this means of communicating has developed a new way of bullying.......cyber.This happens when a person or group of people known or unknown to the victim start a campaign via cyber to slander, add images, spread lies and rumours with the intention of humiliating and hurting another person.
Very often this type of behaviour has dire consequences for the victim.They may feel bewildered, shocked, humiliated, embarrassed, ashamed, exposed, loss of self-esteem, loss of people whom they considered to be friends, social exclusion and powerlessness.
Once the initial shock and humiliation has worn off more long term consequences may develop. These may include depression, fear of social activity, fear of going to work or school, insomnia,and panic attacks.
If you have experienced cyber bullying remember you are not alone ......there is help. Cyber bullying is a very cruel type of harassment. I suggest that you speak to a friend, parent, teacher or professional person.
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