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Domestic abuse is becoming more prevalent. It affects both men and women. Teenagers may also experience abuse in relationship. As with most conditions any person at any given time may find themselves in an abusive situation. The person who has promised to care and love them has become an abuser. This may leave a person feeling bewildered and confused. Feelings of shame may be experienced. As the situation continues and worsens a person will become anxious and fearful. They begin to live in a traumatised state and their ability to make a wise decision for themselves becomes impaired.
EMOTIONAL ABUSE may include the following: humiliation, name calling, punishment by withholding affection, threatening to harm emotional blackmail with threats of suicide
PHYSICAL ABUSE may include the following: shoving or pushing hit with hand or object, kicks, bites or pulls hair may physically threaten woman with knife
FINANCIAL ABUSE may include the following: the man/woman may control all the money, the woman/man may need his/her permission to spend money, he/she may keep his/her family impoverished while he/she drinks or gambles the family's finances.
SEXUAL ABUSE may include the following: woman/man is called sexual swear words.
Derogatory remarks are passed about the body; sexual performance is criticised, blatant affairs with others 
If you are experiencing any of the above you may be in an abusive relationship. These relationships survive in secrecy shame and silence.
Please break the cycle and seek help
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