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Lack of self esteem creates a life of suffering and poor mental health. Let's take a look at  how this happens. When we don't care about ourselves, it reflects in how our life unfolds.
We don't have wisdom to make decisions in our best interest. We might find ourselves caught up in what others think of us. It's amazing the amount of suffering, misery and anxiety that is caused by the fear of how others may react to choices we make. So from an anxious worried place we make choices and decisions. It's easy to see how we disempower ourselves: how we seek aporoval and people please.
People pleasing and compromise are different. We sell ourselves out with people  pleasing. We ignore the consequences and tell ourselves it doesn't matter or I don't mind really. But what becomes of our self esteem? We loose power.We become even more anxious. We don't take risks or use all our talents. Building self esteem may be difficult. It takes courage and guts to not seek approval. But without esteem we are very dis empowered and fraught with anxiety. Every day choices contribute  to whether we build or destroy our esteem. Seeking recovery involves looking at our choices at microscopic level and deciding to choose a life of empowerment so that we give ourselves the opportunity to live our best possible life.
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