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Social Media Addiction
Social media has become a way of life in modern Ireland. People constantly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Meeting new friends or making contacts by cyber is very acceptable in Irish society. However, this modern trend is also causing problems for people; very often resulting in an addiction. They may spend hours on the computer,smart phone, Ipad/tablet disengaging from their life. Too much time on the computer or media device may interfere with their work practice or social life. Most school going children have some device for internet access. Many people can fall into debt buying the newest device. Shops tell us we need the latest smart phone: tablets or Ipads are essentials. Often they experience with drawl symptoms when away from computer for a length of time. Unfortunately this obsession with social media often masks a very lonely isolated existence. Sometimes the person has low self esteem and sees this as an easy option; have friends on face book but lonely in real life. While internet coverage, smart phones, tablets or I pads provide an excellent service overuse of anything may lead to addictive behaviours which may cause a host of problems.
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