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Self Esteem
Lack of self esteem creates a life of suffering and poor mental health. Let's take a look at  how this happens. When we don't care about ourselves, it reflects in how our life unfolds 
Care Work
Social media has become a way of life in modern Ireland. People constantly twitter or facebook. Meeting new friends or making contacts by cyber is very acceptable in Irish society.
Cyber Bullying
We live in a world where technology is now part of daily life.Most of us including young children have now access to computers,Ipads, tablets and internet coverage on our phones.
Loss and bereavement are a natural  part of the life process. We will all experience some loss in our lifetime.Very often when one experiences a huge loss they become overwhelmed  by the experience and have difficulty in coping.
Domestic abuse is becoming more prevalent. It affects both men and women.Teenagers may also experience abuse in relationship. As with most conditions any person at any given time may find themselves in an abusive situation.
Many situations in life may cause a person to feel depressed. Anyone one of us at any given time in life may become depressed. As we go through life we are bound to experience disappointment, loss or suffering.

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